Rustipani – New Product and Packaging Concept

Holistic development

An innovative product and packaging concept was developed for the new product range Rustipani of the Nestlé brand Wagner. The pizza producer Wagner has launched a sandwich as a snack which is prepared in the oven like pizza.

According to the desire to clearly communicate the new product - the bread - through the packing an innovative packaging for the freezer was created. The folding box shows the sandwich on a rustic wooden plate but has a display on the front side showing the inner bag – the bread bag. This way, the rustic product character and the bakery world is to be emphasized. The result shows how structural and graphic design are interlocking. By doing so, a holistic product orientated packaging concept comes into being.

CLIENT Nestlé Wagner
PRODUCT Rustipani
TASK Holistic development (2D+3D) of a packaging for frozen bread snacks which optimally mirror the innovative product concept and rustic bakery world.
  • Folding box with display showing the bread bag
  • Communication of the rustic bakery world through the structural design (with a flour loaded wooden plate)
  • Rustic snack is well communicated through the packaging
  • Packaging with display and designed inner bag inner bag creates presence at the POS
  • No investment in new packaging plant
CONTACT Ilka Wolters